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Hello, my name is Clark Hilterman. I have been in the wonderful world of audio and speaker building for decades.

It all started as a teenager with car audio. Learning about the electrical and mechanical aspects of getting great sound from many different types of designs.

Graduating out of car stereo and into the hi-fi loudspeaker scene I quickly fell in love with the intricate sound that can be achieved by these design marvels.

I would make loudspeakers for family, friends and myself. Gaining more and more experience along the way until I started Hilterman Loudspeakers.

I create one of a kind, hand-made loudspeakers, that are designed exclusively for sound quality. Using high quality drivers from various manufacturers and matched so they achive the desired response, these loudspeakers are not cheap, inferior products.

Since I take my time making sure my name goes on a perfect product, they take time and cost more than your average speaker. It is not unheard of for a pair of loudspeakers to take a couple months to complete. Perfection, not production, is the name of the game.

Of course we do offer some one-off designs for sale that are ready to ship. Check out our store for more information on those items.